ATTN: DJs Hungry To Fill Their Bookings

How To Go From Can't Get Booked To Fully Booked 

(In Clubs & Festivals You Respect, In 100 Days Or Less)

Your Coach: Mikey Mooguire
Owner Of Ibiza Club News, Wunderground, Ibiza Voice, Ibiza Club Radio & Under The Booth, With A Combined Audience Of Several Million Music Fans
Has Worked With Beatport, Mixcloud, Pioneer DJ, Traxsource, Native Instruments, Claptone, Drumcode, Defected, Ushuaia, Hï Ibiza, DC10, Ultra, EDC, Insomniac, Def Jam, Electric Zoo, fabric, Ministry Of Sound, Solardo, Camelphat, Fisher, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer & More.
The Fully Booked Workshop 
Will Show You:
  • ​How To Pitch Bookers & Promoters Effectively: You’ll use my Outreach Playbook to start securing bookings from your Hitlist of dream gigs straight away. This is the strategy will help you skip the queue past all your DJ “competition” and start booking gigs you’ve only been dreaming of until now. 
  • ​How To Connect With 100+ Perfect Bookers & Promoters (And Build A Network Of Promoters That'll Book You For Life): We’ll create your Hitlist of the 100 people that hold the keys to your career. Bookers, talent buyers, promoters, club owners and agents. You’ll know who they are, and how to easily find and talk with them.
  • ​How To Have Socials So Good They Feed You Gigs (And Don't Make Promoters You Pitch Run Away After Checking You Out): Using my simple 20 minute Social Storyteller system, we’ll plan your best month of socials ever - so that when we start pitching promoters and they start checking you out online, you look immediately bookable. 


Let's Fill Your Bookings... FAST. 

Here is what we'll cover during The Fully Booked Workshop:

We'll Fix Your Bookings - How to get fully booked in 100 days or less. You'll stop having to constantly grind and ‘hustle’ for gig scraps and start handling your bookings properly, the way a booking agent would (if you had enough gigs to attract one)

We'll Scale Your Industry Connections - How to connect with the people that can make your career, and to engage them in a way they WANT to be engaged, so that they respond back and start working with you.

We'll Smash Your Content (Quickly) - We'll get your online presence at touring artist level really quickly. You don't need tons of followers to book great gigs, but you do need great content... or your new connections can't really tell anything about you as an artist. Luckily, we do this fast. You'll literally have it done DURING the event. 

You'll Also Discover:

  • Festivals: Secure festival bookings on a regular basis.
  • Stages: Host your own stages at festivals you love & earn thousands each day!
  • Events: Create a six-figure income running your own events in clubs you love, while brand sponsors pick up the tab.

When you finish, you'll have everything you need to get started, and can begin reaching out for gigs straight away. 

Do You Want To Book Gigs Like These?


Every week you mess about waiting is another week you could have been Fully Booked and doing what you love. In this workshop, I'll show you the exact roadmap you can use to never be stuck for a booking again... 
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